Documentation Status

This guide provides information about how to access the Fineo API


  • Fully integrated java client API with synchronous and asynchronous endpoints
  • JDBC compliant access to data
  • In-depth security



When you sign up, you will be given an API Key. Keep this safe - it ties all requests back to your tables/data. If anyone else gets access to this key, they will be able to see you information.

User IAM Credentials

Each user is also given a set of credentials (managed through AWS IAM). They will look something like this:

aws_access_key: AKIBJHP57RXU4RO...
aws_secret_access_key: 5kZVWNNhf56h4iRC04DyYN3XI5elYO...

These credentials are used to authenticate/authorize a specific person to specific action - reading, writing, updating schema, etc.