The java client is the easiest way to manipulate schema and write to the API.


  • maven 3
  • java >= 8u101


The basic java client is available through Maven here:


From there, you can choose which module you want to use:

  • io.fineo.client.models:schema
  • io.fineo.client.models:write

Each module provides a basic interface of the API which you combine with a builder to create the instance to call. For instance, to use the 'StreamWrite' API:

  FineoClientBuilder builder = new FineoClientBuilder()
  StreamWrite stream =

All the Java APIs support a synchronous and an asynchronous version of each method.


When setting up credentials with the API, create an form of AWS Credentials. The easiest way is with the CredentialsHelper:

 AWSCredentialsProvider provider = CredentialsHelper.getHelper(key, secret);

The CredentialsHelper will look at the 'shape' of the credentials and attempt to provide the best AWSCredentialsProvider. The key and secret provided to the CredentialsHelper can either be a Device key/secret combination (obtained from the 'Devices' section of the web application) or it can be the email/password combination used to sign uo for Fineo.

However, to make it even easier to get credentials, Fineo supports any form of AWSCredentialsProvider, a few are:

Read more about AWS Credential Providers