Apache Zeppelin is a web-based notebook that enables interactive data analytics.Fineo is a standard SQL adapter for Zeppelin and can be used to make beautiful data-driven, interactive and collaborative documents.

Fineo provides standard JDBC connectivity that easily integrates into Zeppelin. This guide has been tested with Zeppelin version 0.6.2.

Step 0: Install Apache Zeppelin

Go to Apache Zeppelin and download the version you want to run. From there follow the Zeppelin Quickstart Instructions.

However, we provide an abridged version here. Start by extracting the package:

$ tar -xf zeppelin-0.6.2-bin-all.tgz

and run the Zeppelin server:

$ cd zeppelin-0.6.2-bin-all
$ bin/zeppelin-daemon.sh start

If successful, you should be able to view zepplin locally: http://localhost:8080/#/

Step 1: Install the Fineo JDBC driver in Zeppelin

  1. Download the latest Fineo JDBC jar from the general JDBC guide.

  2. Open the Interpreter panel.

    • In the top right (user name) -> Interpreter
  3. Update the jdbc section with the configurations:

    1. Add the jar as a local artifact with the full path on the local filesystem to the Jar. add artifact

    2. Add you username and password as default.username and default.password, respectively. (Hint: Your username is you email address you used to sign up.)

    3. Add your API Key as default.api_key

    4. Set the default driver & connection information

      • default.driver = io.fineo.read.Driver
      • default.url = jdbc:fineo
    5. Disable concurrent use of JDBC connections

      • zeppelin.jdbc.concurrent.use = false
      • Fineo connections are very light weight and already use their own underlying pool.
    6. Hit Save.

      • This will restart the interpreter and allow access to the driver in jdbc statements

jdbc properties

Step 2: Create a new note

  1. Select Notebook -> Create New Note, and enter a meaningful title

  2. Add a %jdbc section

  3. Make a simple query for all the data in a table, like:

SELECT * FROM server_stats

And run the note.

simple table

Or view some of the data as a chart

simple chart

NOTE: the first query will take a moment to run as Zeppelin will be launching the interpreter for the first time and getting the Fineo credentials token.