You can connect to Fineo through SqlLine - a standard console based SQL access tool.

How To

1. Download

The Fineo-specific build of sqlline is available here [1]. It includes all the necessary Fineo dependencies.

2. Prepare

Unpack the tarball.

$ tar -xf <sqlline version>.tar.gz
$ cd <sqlline version>

To add extra logging, and avoid SLF4J: Failed warning messages, an SLF4j compatible logging framework should be added to the lib directory. Fineo recommends using logback [2] for its speed and stability.

3. Start

Now you are ready to start the sqlline shell:

$ ./sqlline

4. Connect!

Start by entering the connection credentials:

sqlline>  !connect jdbc:fineo:api_key=<your api key>

If you did not enter a authentication method (see JDBC guide), you can enter your IAM credentials as a username (access key) and password (secret key) combination:

 Enter username for jdbc:fineo;api_key=<key>:
 Enter password for jdbc:fineo:api_key=<key>:

That's it. From there you can easily access all of your data through SQL!

5. Examples

Here are some simple things you can do in Sqlline.

List tables

sqlline> !tables

Get all rows in a table

sqlline> SELECT * FROM <table name>

6. Exiting

Crtl-C (the usual exit option) only cancels the previous command. Instead you need to use:

sqlline> !quit


1. SqlLine

We include a couple of fixes, like loading the properties file correctly and using lib/ vs. changing the java-ext dir. For more details, see our fork. If you want a generic bundle of SqlLine without the fineo jar, please contact us.

2. Logback

For logback, the jars you need are: logback-core and logback-classic. Download these jars and add them to the lib/ directory.