There are several limitations/restrictions on the platform. All other limitations are explicitly documented in the specific APIs


  • java >= 1.8u101


  • Max 2 keys at any time, per device


  1. 200 events/sec, with bursts to 500 events/sec
  2. Individual event < 375KB

NOTE: A request can be a either a single stream event, a list of events to the stream/events endpoint, or a batch request.


  1. 1MB per message


  1. 5MB per message
    • Does not apply to S3 uploaded batches


  1. No repeat alias names within a parent.

    • e.g. no repeat metric aliases, no repeat field names in a metric. Otherwise, there is no way to tell metrics/fields apart.
  2. Disallowed field names:

    • companykey
    • metrictype
    • timestamp
    • Anything with the prefix:
      • _f
      • T<n>¦¦
        • where <n> is a number
  3. (Currently) No lookup of columns by their original ingest names, only their output names


  1. No multiple * selection.
    • For example, *, field, *. You can do ``*, f1, f2,...```, but the second * is not supported.