Generally, the default properties work pretty well.


If you have a custom access key/secret access, rather than the standard username/password combination and your login path is not working correctly, then you can set:

  • force_auth
    • Options:
    • username_password
      • Assume this credential is a username/password combination
    • key
      • Assume this credential is a access/secret combination


However, if you want to maximize the throughput, there are a few parameters that you can tune through the jdbc client:

  • client_max_connections
    • maximum number of allowed open HTTP connections
  • client_init_connection_timeout_millis
    • time initially establishing a connection before giving up and timing out.
  • client_request_timeout_millis
    • time for the request to complete before giving up and timing out.
  • client_request_max_retries
    • number of retries for a single HTTP request before giving up

If you find these are not sufficient, please let us know.